Art and Adventure (5-8 years age group)

The course would  include concepts which are fun, imaginative and creative to stimulate the children to have fun with art.

  1. A Drawing Adventure: Children will be encouraged to make a run with their imaginations and color it with variety of oil pastel colors. A little concept of primary colors and secondary colors will be introduced with fun illustrations of what happens when various colors are mixed.
  2. The Scribble story: We will create art with scribbles and patterns. A variety of Shapes will be introduced and how they create art. We will create a complete picture with the patterns and shapes.
  3. The Number path: We will illustrate a book cover with number drawing. Children will be encouraged to think up their own protagonist and will try drawing them with help of numbers.
  4. Greetings Cards: Seasonal greeting cards will be created out of geometric shapes that will be cut out. This tests the students concentration and coordination and is always a fun project. A greeting card with scratch art session will also be scheduled.
  5. Stone Cave painting: A storytelling session about Stone age and the beginning of human settlement and then on a piece of Stone they will paint with acrylic colors.
  6.  Fun with watercolors: Water colors will be introduced to paint fruits or vegetables. We will continue with a few more water color sessions to color up printouts of scenaries.
  7. Basic drawing concepts: Along with all the above sessions every class will have few minutes of drawing basic things like Flowers, leaves, animals, houses etc in realistic drawing.
  8. Canvas: Each child will have a small canvas to finish the art session filled with their own creation with bright acrylic colors.

Advanced Art Classes (9-15 years)

The class focuses on fundamentals of drawing and painting. Students study color theory, composition, perspective, and 3D shading techniques. Teacher performs demonstrations of proper art techniques to facilitate learning and inspiration. Students paint portrait and figure, still life and landscapes. We use acrylics, watercolor,pastel, acrylic, and mixed media techniques.

Concepts of perspective and compositions will be started from the beginning of the course with stories and paintings of famous painters as inspiration. The course is all about expanding your young artist's journey and learning to enjoy the experience of art creation. We will try a variety of techniques, learn about the history of art, allowing them to create more in-depth masterpieces.

We will also have sessions of Tanjore painting (decorative jewel painting) and miniature painting called Madhubani, an ancient art form from India which tells mythology through painting.

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