Shining Stars-Hindi

Learning a new language is an incredible experience, and a very long-term one. That being said, if one is passionate he/she is going to learn it a lot faster.
Children are very good learners especially between the age of 5-10 years but there are two important prerequisites: Patience and Consistency.

Hindi uses an entirely different script than English. English uses Latin script (which is commonly used in European languages), while Hindi uses Devanagari script (used by Nepali, Marathi, and more).
Hindi language is one of the two(other one being English) official languages of the Government of India.

Grammar is something the child will continually improve on throughout his/her entire journey of learning Hindi. It’s VERY different compared to English. Not only are the words different, but so is their placement. In English, most sentences are Subject Verb Object, where Hindi is usually Subject Object Verb.

The Syllabus consists of;

  • Hindi Alphabets
  • Hindi Numbers
  • Matras
  • 2 letter words
  • 3 letter words
  • Grammar
  • Reading of story books
  • Writing practice in Workbooks
  • To use English-Hindi Dictionaries

We will also be learning several other topics like names of the Fruits, Vegetables, Colors, Months of the year, Days of the week & much more which will help to increase the vocabulary of the kids.

We will have quarterly tests to ensure the child is aligned well with the syllabus.
We also ensure that the child is at par with the Indian syllabus.

All educational materials will be provided which includes text books, workbooks, stationery, personal black/white boards(for class use), story books, dictionaries, worksheets etc.

Each class is going to be fun filled and will include learning written/spoken Hindi with lots of engaging activities related to our culture, festivals & India.🇮🇳
In-spite of living abroad, our kids will stay connected to Indian roots and rich Indian heritage, that's my eventual goal.

Mob no. +45 71686244 (Sweta)