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January – Saraswati Puja 2023: We began the year celebrating the Goddess of knowledge, Saraswati, in collaboration with BCAS, the Bengali Cultural Association Society in Copenhagen.

March – Holi 2023: In March, our talented students celebrated the Festival of Holi, a vibrant festival of colors and love, with classical Indian dances honoring age-old traditions and the spirit of Lord Krishna.

April – Diplomatic Bazaar 2023: Our journey continued with a prestigious performance at the Diplomatic Bazaar 2023, organized by the embassies of 26 countries, allowing us to represent our art and culture on an international stage.

May – MMD Jalsa Food Festival 2023: May brought together the flavors of dance and cuisine at the MMD Jalsa Food Festival, creating a delightful fusion of two passions.

August – 77th Indian Independence Day Celebrations: We celebrated India’s 77th Independence Day in August with patriotic fervor, leaving a lasting impression on diplomats and esteemed guests.

September – Annual Charity Picnic: Our commitment to social impact continued as proceeds from the Annual Charity Picnic supported girls’ education in a school in West Bengal, India, reflecting our dedication to empowerment through education.

October – Navratri 2023: In October, we joyously celebrated Navratri 2023, organized by FIIDA, where our performances paid homage to the spirituality of the occasion.

October – Durga Puja 2023: We concluded the year with a grand celebration of Durga Puja 2023, organized by BCAS in October. Our performances during this event symbolized the strength and grace of Goddess Durga.

Our gratitude knows no bounds as we look forward to sharing the magic of Kathak with you throughout 2023.

November – HSS Ramleela 2023 Deeps Dancing Divas kicked off the month with a mesmerizing Ramleela performance, weaving the tale of Ramayana through dance, showcasing our commitment to traditional storytelling. Additionally, our enchanting Kathak performances lit up Diwali Celebrations at corporate giants like Alfa Laval, Queue It, and Carlsberg, spreading cultural joy and festive spirit among attendees.