Shows & Events

2020 was welcomed with all the zeal, unaware of the pandemic hitting us hard yet we continued with our passion and conducted classes and éxams online, thanks to modern technology. We started the year by performing at Saraswati puja conducted by BCAS Denmark. From March onwards when WHO declared Coronavirus as a pandemic, Denmark declared lockdown. It was challenging for all of us, it was advised that many people cannot assemble under one roof, so Deepshikha came up with the idea of building an open studio. Kids could practice in fresh air and summer was approaching, hence it was a good idea. The kids prepared the dance "Achutyam keshavam" as a prayer to Lord Krishna to heal and restore the world. The recording of this dance was done for the promotion of Kathak Kala kshetra. Other than this students also learned Durga stuti for Durga puja and Rama stuti for Diwali, which they performed for their exam as a part of their syllabus. Every year DDD performs for Kulturhavn Festival, this year it got cancelled at the last minute, hence it was decided to record the entire event under the caption " Creativity has no Boundaries" and it was streamed online. We celebrated Durga Puja in a very cozy way in the studio by performing prayers to Goddess Durga, kids participating in a drawing competition, and having a very small get together. We also celebrated Diwali by lighting sparklers and eating sweets. Our intermediate Dance exam took place in November where all the kids flaired well. Thus in these challenging times we are continuing with our passion online and are celebrating everything in our unique way, as "Where there is a will, there´s a way". We hope we return to our normal lives soon by God´s grace. Our heartfelt thanks to the parents and students for their continuous support even amidst this lockdown.