Shows & Events

Deep's Dancing Divas have performed in a variety of events across Scandinavia in last one decade.

The journey began with Deepshikha performing solo, later joined by her friends and daughter and now with an entire big group that creates magic on the stage. Their dazzling performance is appreciated by one and all.
This year the shows commenced with Saraswati puja performance @BCAS in January. Then they performed in May for a noble cause, charity event to raise fund for "Friends of Shamayita Math" to help the underprivileged people back in West Bengal. There was then performances in two consecutive weekends one for Kulturhavn and the other for Bollywood in Kildevaeld  in the month of August, the kids astounded the audience with their amazing performances, it was a 40 mins power packed show. They also performed for "ROOTS" another charity event to help the underprivileged in Sunderban, the land of Royal Tigers.
 Other than these they were also associated with Goa tourism promotion festival , for which they performed in Copenhagen (Denmark)  as well as in Helsinki (Finland). The kids have performed in Rath Yatra that was organised by Iscon in July. The kids also exhibited their talent in Malmo Bollywood festival.
 Deepshikha also represented Indian cultural values and traditions in the seminar on India that was held at Dyssegard library in September where her students performed. She also performed with her team at Sommerfest DUI where she teaches Bollywood Dance.
 Deep's Dancing Divas recently performed at BCAS Durga Puja in October, the kids amazed the audience with wonderful dance on puja songs like 'dhak baaje' and 'Elo Je maa' they looked so cute in their white and red attires. The "Aygiri" group enchanted the audience with their spectacular bewildering performance so much that the spectators were thoroughly hypnotized in that world. The kids depicted "mahisadurmardini" act flawlessly. They were flooded with Applauds.
 Thus 2018 was a very busy year for Deep's Dancing Divas, right now the kids are busy with  their exams in December following which they will again be ready for their next performance at BCAS Saraswati puja in February 2019.
 Thus, they will continue to spread their magical  charm with their performances in the coming year. They seek the blessings of their well-wishers to achieve the same. It is a pleasure to watch the kiddos from 5 to 12 years displaying their passion with such zeal.  Their performances are listed below,  please take a look if dance is your passion.