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Yoga is a way of life. It not only provides health, vigor, brightness, and alertness to the body and mind, but it also fills life with satisfaction, happiness, and pleasure. Yoga practice reduces tension stress, anxiety, weakness, helplessness, fear, negative thoughts, etc, which are increasing day by day in this mechanical human life.


“A healthy mind breeds a healthy body” Deeps Dancing Divas is proud to announce weekend meditation sessions for mindfulness. In addition, we also conduct weekly mindfulness sessions at the Rygaards International School, to help children develop healthy mindsets, enhancing concentration and awareness levels.

Yoga & Mindfulness sessions by Deeps Dancing Divas

         We conduct sessions for two types of meditation:

  1. Twin Heart Meditation – Meditation on Twin Hearts is a simple yet powerful technique for achieving cosmic consciousness or what we often call “illumination.”
  2. Meditation for a good sleep – This technique helps in calming one’s senses to achieve a good and peaceful sleep every night, helping its practitioners to nurture a healthy mind too.

For more information on any of the above, please get in touch with us over email or phone.