Siyona Dasgupta

Dance rejuvenates one's mind, it is my passion and Deepshikha ma'am is my inspiration and role model. "Deepshikha" means 'flame' and like a flame she is continuously illuminating the lives of so many kids. She is compassionate, friendly and gem of a person who is continuously into charitable projects. She is a bundle of energy that's unstoppable and is always there to guide us whenever needed. Her smile is infectious and she always encourages us to perform well, she boosts our self confidence. I never feel that I go to dance class, it's like my second home as I receive so much of warmth. We are like a family as she addresses it as "Deeps Dancing Divas family" and I am happy and proud to be a part of this family.

Bente Hagelund

Founder NGO Friends of Shamyita Math
"It is an uplifting and beautiful pleasure to watch the kid’s performance. They dance with enthusiasm and grace, and I am impressed to see how convincingly they express themselves. It is obvious that they take their art of dancing seriously and enjoyable at the same time."

Maria Franz

Culture Coordinator Copenhagen Commmune
"Deepshikha and her dance group was a highly valued contribution to the first, annual Bollywood in Kildevæld, a big, outdoor event with focus on Indian culture in Denmark. The event was organized by the soon to come culture house Kulturcenter Kildevæld and Culture Østerbro, a part of Copenhagen Culture and Leisure department. Deepshikha is a fantastic partner with a lovely, positive and smiling attitude. She is hard working and is good at navigating in the sometimes stressful environment of cultural events. Her dance group is skilled and dedicated, I give my highest recommendations to invite them in any event."

Lisbeth Johansen

LittleBigHelp NGO
"In 2014 Deepshikha and her dance group preformed at LittleBigHelp Charity Gala and it was so beautiful. The dresses were so amazing and the children so talented. I would give my best recommendation to the group of children and Deepshikha is such a warm and delicate woman."

Moumita Dasgupta

A trained dancer, a trained vocalist, and a certified yoga teacher, Deepshikha is a powerhouse of talents. Her zeal and passion for dance is very much evident, her flawless energy keeps her moving for three to four hours at a stretch during her dance class sessions, it's a pleasure to watch her elegant moves. She treats her students as her own kids and pampers them retaining the dignity of a teacher at the same time. She is very disciplined and is dedicated towards her vision. "Deeps dancing Divas" not only perform for various charitable shows, they also organise events like Christmas party, Holi festival, summer party etc that enhances the bond between the members of this family and the kids enjoy a lot. She is one genuine person who is beyond materialism and is always helping others. I wish "Deeps Dancing Divas" a great future ahead, keep up the good work and all the best !!


Yoga Student
My name is Eugenia and I'm 8 years old. I attend Deep's yoga and mindfulness class. I find it a very relaxing and fun and it helps me get rid of the stress of the week. Deep is a great teacher and I love that she always finds the bright side of everything and she helps me do that to.